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Making beautiful solar powered BUTTERFLIES, FISH, HUMMINGBIRDS, and a plethora of other weird things for over 20 years



Moving only with the power of light, these original Butterflies have been handmade in Santa Barbara, California, for over 20 years.




Adorning beautiful gardens and fine homes worldwide, our butterflies are flapping right now

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All these sculptures are weather resistant, and are designed to be outside year-round in rain, sprinklers, even snow.


.                       Each piece is slightly different


          The BUTTERFLY'S wingspan is about 6" when open, and when on their base, range from 6" to 14" high

                   The wings are made of copper or brass, and the base is made of a type of concrete, molded to look like a real rock…..



                      They gently move both wings, together,  in a rhythmic, calm motion, and will bring peace to any observer.





            All and any of the BUTTERFLIES are …………………………….…$160.00


                     Shipping for the Butterflies is $25.00.


                   Ca. Residents please add 8% sales tax




“ An almost seamless blend of technology metamorphosed into pleasurable art ”







To order, call:       805-964-2767


There are also hummingbirds